Turning Petrol Heads!!

05 February 2019

Southern Motor Contracts – The New Hyundai i30N – Test Drive

“Turning Petrol Heads”

Hot Hatch What Car Of The Year 2019

If you look at the Hyundai i30N and think it's just another i30, you’d be very wrong. This Hyundai has the “petrolheads turning” as the entry level developing 247bhp that  puts it squarely on the VW GTI radar whilst the 271bhp i30N will give both the Honda Civic Type R and the Renault Megane RS a run for their money.

One of the main reasons for the interest in this new “Hot Hatch” is that the engineering team behind it is led by ex-BMW M division chief Albert Biermann. Now here’s someone that knows how to put a performance car together having played a central role in creating cars such as the M3.

So guess where they took this car to make sure it could do what it says it can…. petrolhead heaven the Nürburgring racetrack. So you won’t be surprised to hear that Nürburgring along with Namyang, Hyundai’s global R&D centre in South Korea, are the reasons behind the “N”

One quirky thing about the car that brought a smile to my face was the switchable exhaust button on the steering wheel…..its like waking up the beast under the bonnet!

So at Southern Motor Contracts I think you’ll realise that we like this new contender. The great thing about what we do is that you don’t have to take our word for it as we’ve just delivered one to one of our long standing customers.

“ I love the new car, still finding my way around everything and getting used to it but it is comfortable and great fun to drive. 

The car of course has everything you could want/need.  Possibly the only thing I miss is hill hold assist.  It’s just a laziness thing because I’m quite capable of putting on the handbrake and doing conventional hill starts.  It has a mechanical handbrake anyway and I much prefer that to the latest electromechanical parking brakes.

The H badge does not bother me one bit, it’s the performance that matters.”

Steve Downing, Director, Rand Associates

Report by: Iain Sommerville, Business Development Manager, Southern Motor Contracts.



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